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Welcome to my site ( All of my visitors and customers are bound to read and acknowledge the information on this page and on the page mentioned below.

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All the possible questions have been answered here on my so don’t be an as hole. Be a gentleman and ask anything if not answered. I’m available on whatsapp 24/7 Mentioned left bottom of the page.

I am a single person behind this shit and process 100s orders a day. I have family too, So in certain situations it can take a maximum of 24 hours to respond to your queries.

This is how pills are packed. All my packages are packed with great care so no one can see what’s inside. This video is from one of my buyer.

If you are not satisfied with the information and terms then this site is not for you.

Update July 2022.

Adderall(B947) One of the perfect in market back in stock.
No Tracking numbers until the delivery date has been passed.
US – US shipping available for all pain killers
I pay shipping and price of the product. So I can reship/refund full order if lost.

Update March, 2022.

Roxycodone/Oxycodone 30mg back in stock and will be shipped from USA.
All Roxycodone orders are backed with 100% refund no matter what the situation is. i.e. Quality or delivery.
No tracking will be provided for roxycodone & Percocet orders.
You only can pay through bitcoins for your Oxycodone or Oxycontin order.

Update Feb, 2022.

No tracking will be provide until unless there’s an issue or delivery time has been passed.
You can ask for previous delivery proofs.
Credit/Debit Card not accepted for roxycodone and all other pain killers.

Update Jan 02, 2022.

US – US Shipping enabled for selected products. But do not ask the which product.
Credit/Debit Card enabled for all customers except Pain Killer Orders.
Registered Mail is not available
Free Shipping for all order over $500

Update December, 2021.

New payment method (Visa/Master Gift Card, Paypal) added.
Due to some issues with Credit/Debit card merchant payment through card or PayPal has been disabled.

Update December, 2021.

All the orders were shipped on time, delays are just because of Xmas and New Year Vacations and I cannot control this.

Update November, 2021

  1. All Order of Roxys are delayed. Shipping for Roxys will start on Tuesday November 16th 2019
  2. No reship/refunds for discounted/bulk order.

Update August 1, 2021

  1. You will get notified once your order is shipped. No emails or replies after that until I see any problem while tracking orders.

Update July 26, 2021

  1. Due to some security reasons tracking number will not be provided. I will keep track of all orders.
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