Adderall Supply Squeeze in the US

In October 2022, FDA announced a scarcity of amphetamine mixed compounds’ immediate release IR capsule formulation, more generally known by the brand names Adderall / Adderall IR. All producers of amphetamine combined salts are in regular contact with the FDA, while one of them, Teva as the country’s largest pharmaceutical industry, and is dealing with continuous intermittent production delays. Although there is still a need for amphetamine mixed solutions in the United State, there isn’t enough supply for other producers to keep up with production.

The FDA has approved the use of these amphetamine salts, such as Adderall, to manage narcolepsy as well as ADD or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Alternative treatments, such as the extended-release ER variety of amphetamine combined salts, are accessible to medical practitioners and their clients for amphetamine mixed salts’ authorized uses until stock is restored. To choose the appropriate course of treatment, consumers should consult with their medical providers.

Over-Prescription as the leading cause of the shortage

Employees at renowned pharmacies claim that the company overprescribed medications, provided minimal to no actual counseling and targeted new customers with deceptive advertisements on social media to increase profits at the expense of patient safety.4 This level of improper conduct may be specific to one corporation, but it is indicative of a lack of appropriate healthcare when it regarding mental health for individuals who are the most susceptible.

The number of prescriptions written has gone up, and there is still a shortage of labor in the US, which has contributed to the Adderall scarcity. Although other businesses are still making the medicine, according to the FDA, the availability does not meet the demand in the United State.

Several mental healthcare startups swamped digital platforms with ad campaigns inspiring individuals who believe they are distracted easily to pursue ADHD therapies, with no in-person appointment necessary, after regulations governing telemedicine were eased to help individuals connect health care whereas they remained at home during the global outbreak. They were effective. Diagnoses increased once more.

Dealing with the Drug Shortage

There is a chance that those who are impacted by the shortage would develop Adderall withdrawal effects. The crash usually happens a few hours after the last dose and can linger for several days. Both mental and physical weariness, as well as depressive symptoms, are possible symptoms.

Tsai advises discussing medical options with your physician or another professional as there are other options outside Adderall or its generic counterparts for treating ADHD symptoms. Due to Adderall’s potentially harmful side effects and misuse potential, most people choose safer, all-natural substitutes or non-pharmacological treatments.

Final Words

If you are having withdrawal effects, experts also advise staying hydrated, eating wholesome meals, exercising, and allowing oneself time to relax and recover. Painkillers & sleep medications available over the counter may also help. According to Teva, the shortfall should be resolved within months. To assist with the shortfall, the FDA stated it was keeping an eye on the situation and collaborating with suppliers.

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