Insomnia Causes and Treatment of Insomnia

Insomnia happens that fatigue for the day literally brings down, you go to bed and you can not fall asleep at midnight. Insomnia suffers from a large number of people, and the age in its development is practically irrelevant. It affects young and old, even children suffer from it.

Episodic manifestations of insomnia do not harm the body, but if insomnia becomes chronic, then it significantly reduces the quality of life and spoils the health. Where does it come from?

How does insomnia arise?

Sometimes it can be very difficult for us to fall asleep: we think about plans for tomorrow in bed, discuss quarrels with the spouse, we deliberate about talking with a friend – in a word, we do everything so that our brain actively works and does not retire.

As a result, we tossed from side to side without sleep. Nervous tension or active mental activity does not allow the brain and body to rest, causing insomnia. In the evening, it is necessary to disconnect the head from all disturbing and frustrating thoughts, to think about pleasant or beautiful.

In addition to nervous tension, you will not be able to fall asleep easily and muscle tension – if you have muscle aches from constant sitting, the back of the car seat has begun to spin, if your muscles are in spasm or hurt your lower back, do not expect a quiet sleep. Pain syndrome disturbs a restful sleep – a headache, dental or other kinds of pain – also causes insomnia.

We use stimulating drinks a lot, it’s no wonder that our sleep is not of good quality. It is necessary to give up four hours before bedtime to give up strong coffee and black tea, carbonated drinks, especially cola and energy. They all contain large doses of caffeine, a stimulant of brain activity.

Another problem with unimportant sleep is your digestion – will not allow you to sleep too much hearty supper with an abundance of fats and protein, they are digested up to 6 hours and break normal rest. Therefore, dinner should be at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.

However, going to bed hungry is also not an option – the brain will constantly send you signals to go to the refrigerator, with thoughts of food no longer to a sound sleep – it’s well known to those who sit on restrictive diets with the principle of “I do not eat after 6”.

Often, insomnia causes discomfort in bed, a violation of the situation – often people do not sleep well in a new environment, in a new place. Harmfully affect sleep awkward pillow and a squashed mattress. In addition, the bad sleep helps the stuffiness and dryness of the air, bright lights in the bedroom and noise. We are already accustomed to the fact that we are surrounded by too loud sounds, but they are so tired of the brain that by night, in conditions of noise, it can not relax – it all annoys.

The quality of sleep is influenced by TV and computer, flashing of bright points and a combination of bright dynamic pictures overloads the brain and coupled with negative information, it becomes an excessive irritant. Buy Ativan Online

Violates sleep, strangely enough, a small load, that is, unlike your brain, your body is not tired yet, its tissues have not yet used up all the energy. You move little, so the body does not get enough load. Sometimes on weekends, you do not want to sleep because of laziness and violation of the regime – you knock down your biological clock with a late awakening, the body does not get tired and the “sleep” command does not work.

How to get rid of insomnia?

In addition, that it is necessary to eliminate the factors causing insomnia, it is also necessary to apply some tricks, psychology and folk wisdom.

First of all, to nourish the blood with oxygen, give the body a little load, and the brain rest, saddle an easy walk before going to bed – it can be going to a distant store for ice cream, walking with a dog or meeting with friends outdoors. This will give you the opportunity to think, relax and calmly fall asleep.

If the walk is impossible – open the window one hour before the dream, if it’s warm, or the window, if it’s cold, and bring the temperature in the bedroom to 18-20 degrees. In the summer heat, the air conditioning will perfectly handle this matter. 18-20 degrees Celsius – the temperature, ideal for sleeping, ideally to include a humidifier or, if it does not, wet a few towels and hang in the bedroom. For people with intermittent insomnia, a great relaxing and soothing effect is enjoyed by fountains for the house with a haze and a murmur of water, you can turn on the sound of surf or the sound of rain in the player. Buy Restoril Online

Before going to bed, you can read a book or watch a melodrama, an easy comedy, in a word, something that does not greatly arouse the brain.

The strict regime is important for the struggle against insomnia, even in the day off. More often, insomnia affects those who lie down at midnight or even later and get up late. The most optimal time for bedding is from 22 to 23 hours.

Recipes of traditional medicine against insomnia

Relaxing bath: An excellent relaxing effect has warm water in the bath (according to season), with the addition of herbs or aromatic oils, its effect is enhanced. Excellent help with lavender, mint or lemon oil, they can be bought in a pharmacy and added to a filled bath.

Sasha at the head of the bed: You can place a sachet on the head of the bed – a canvas bag with dry herbs – mint, oregano, St. John’s wort, lavender or chamomile. The aroma of herbs will soothe and relieve tension.

Aromatic massage: Well helps with insomnia lavender oil: smear them whiskey, easy to massage before going to bed.

Drinks for good sleep: You can apply decoctions of herbs inside an hour before sleeping – it can be an infusion of fennel seeds or hop cones, do not forget about the traditional folk remedy – a glass of warm milk with honey or tea with mint or lemon.

Other methods: Better helps to fall asleep music of Mozart or Vivaldi, breathing exercises or the idea that you are on the seashore or in the bosom of nature. In short, the brain must be distracted from routine and switch.

Whether it is necessary to accept medicines?

Of course, there are medicines for insomnia, but they have a lot of side effects and are prescribed only by a doctor in severe cases of insomnia. These drugs are dangerous heavy waking up, addictive and addictive.

The softer effect is possessed by herbal preparations with a sedative effect – use the course of a motherwort or valerian tincture, you can apply Persen or Novo-Passit.

What not to do is relax in the evenings with alcohol – of course, a glass of wine or a bottle of beer has a relaxing and hypnotic effect, but even light alcohol is addictive. Therefore, make the reception of alcohol a lot of holidays and events, or refuse altogether.

Insomnia is an unpleasant phenomenon, but if you do not dwell on it and do not think, lying in bed: “Well, again I will not fall asleep,” your condition will become calmer, and you will fall asleep more easily. Remember, we program our own behavior.

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